Gavin Wolpert articles on robot bridge from Bridge Winners

Greetings, robot battlers!
The summer robot championship has started. If you haven’t registered already, it will be $50 instead of $40. I hope you do better than I did, I had about 60% the first session.
Gavin Wolpert (national champion, founder of produced a series of videos on Bridge Winners on robot bridge. I have already taken the advice to “go low” and gotten a good result with it.
Here are links to Gavin’s articles. They are from 2011 but I think they are still relevant in some ways. The robots declare the hands when they are declarer instead of the human, so you can tell that the articles are a bit dated.
After battling it out with some video editing software, I’ve managed to produce our first-ever instructional video. In this video I will play a Robot Duplicate ACBL Tournament on Bridge Base and tell you my thoughts as I play.

This is the continuation to Video: Robot Duplicate: Part 1. Here are the hand records. Here is the link to Passed Hand Partner: Overcalling mentioned in the video.