Grand Life Master Ira Chorush

Ira Chorush is from Houston. He does not play too much face-to-face bridge any more, only a few tournaments, and not at all at the club that I know of, but he has taken up robot bridge with gusto starting in 2017.

Robot bridge has allowed Ira to earn the points necessary to get the 10,000 masterpoints required for Grand Life Master, without even leaving home! Typically Ira will play all three daylong tournaments at matchpoint scoring as the masterpoint efficiency is slightly higher than the instant tournaments. You can get up to 1.5 masterpoints from a daylong tournament for a cost of $1.35 versus a maximum of 0.9 masterpoints for an instant tournament for a cost of $1.25.

Congratulations to Ira for making Grand Life Master!

Here are some hands from Ira from recent daylong tournaments. For anyone that is new, you can click on the link and it will show you a complete hand with my little commentary on each one.


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