Hands from Fall 2018 Robot Championship


My 43rd place in the robot championship was my best showing so far, but my scores haven’t improved as much as I had hoped.

Summer 2017: 62.44%, 64th place out of 2428, 2.63% of entrants
Spring 2018: 60.95%, 94th place out of 1910, 4.92% of entrants
Summer 2018: 62.45%, 67th place out of 1704, 3.93% of entrants
Fall 2018: 62.81%, 43rd place out of 1531, 2.81% of entrants

In order to break into the top 1% of players in these tournaments, I think I need to step back and analyze where things went right and where things went wrong on these hands, to see if I can tweak my system a little bit. I would like to do better in these events, as the $40 entry for four and change masterpoints doesn’t have a favorable dollars spent to masterpoint ratio. Normally $40 will get me about 15 points on BBO.

I have posted the videos from the tournament already. Here are some hands from the tournament that I found interesting.


Also, Richard Lawson (sterman on BBO) has posted all the hands he played, with commentary, on Bridge Winners. Some of the comments in his articles relate to the psychological aspects of the robot game, which I think is important. Very interesting articles. Some of his hands overlap with some of the hands I played, but not all.
Richard’s day 1:
Richard’s day 2:

Richard’s day 3 hasn’t been published as I write this. He didn’t have a good game on day 3.

If you have hands you would like to share, please send them my way!