How are you doing?

Greetings, robot battlers!

How can you tell whether you are making progress in your skill, whether against robots or humans?

Against humans, I always go over each and every hand to see what I could or should have done differently. Hand records are an invaluable resource for this.

To track my progress against robots I meticulously track my average points per session.

I strongly recommend that you go over each and every hand you play in a face-to-face situation as well as against robots. If you can figure out what you are doing wrong, you can fix your thought processes to not do that any more.

Instead of posting all my broadcasts to Youtube, I am going to start posting the ones that have a lot of decision points. How many decision points is a lot in 24 hands? I don’t know. Most likely I am going to remove the older ones that are not part of the marathon.

Here’s a video where I went from last place after two hands to first!

Here are a few interesting hands for you.

Charles Collins gave me this one. I found it interesting from a bidding perspective.



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