Introducing the 10-Block!


BBO has begun to run four daylong tournaments, per day instead of two. I’ve calculated that I can compress more robot bridge into a smaller window of time.

BBO has a limit of two instant tournaments per hour. If these new daylong tournaments would fill the gap in time, I would not have to stop playing. I would play two instant tournaments, then two daylong tournaments, two more instant tournaments, two more daylong tournaments, and finally two more instant tournaments.

I creatively dubbed this block of ten sessions a “10-block”.

Although I have more important things to do, I could not resist playing a 10-block last night. I started at exactly 8:00 and ended at exactly 10:50. That is two hours and 50 minutes, 17 minutes per 12-board session. Not super speedy but I was able to play through without stopping. It was successful as I got more than 5 points.

Two hours and 50 minutes seems like a lot of time but it is roughly the same amount of time as a session of bridge at the club takes. The cost of a 10-block is $12.90 which is comparable to the cost of a session at the club.

So it takes roughly the same time and the same amount of money to play a 10-block as it does to play a game at the club, with a lot more expected masterpoints. What’s not to like?

Try a 10-block!


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