Leo LaSota’s Amazing May!


Leo LaSota is one of the leading robot battlers in the world. He is the top masterpoint holder on BBO with well over 25,000 ACBL masterpoints won against the robots, and over 30,000 BBO points.

It just so happens that I looked up the top masterpoint winners for May on BBO. I was something like 12th or so with 145 points. That is pretty good but I looked at Leo’s total. He won 876.40 points in May! That is a jaw-dropping number. When I was temporarily unemployed last October I played a ton of robot bridge but I only got just over 200 points.

How did he do it?

To answer this question, I just pulled up his masterpoint history from BBO. You can do this by going to bridgebase.com and clicking on “BBO Points” and putting in your user ID or anyone else’s ID. Mine is cake_eater and Leo’s is “Leo LaSota”. Imagine that. Then I did a cut and paste into a spreadsheet. 
When BBO awards points for the daylong $1.35 automated tournaments, it does so right after midnight. 

Leo starts his day anywhere between 7:30 and 9:00 in the morning and he starts playing bridge and he keeps going until 1:00 AM. He is very quick to play, I think he takes about a minute per board (11-12 minutes per 12-board instant tournament). During the day, he plays all of the $1.35 tournaments. There are five of these now which can be played any time. Two regular instant tournaments can be played each hour. He must have it timed very well. 

If you start playing at 8:00, for example, you could play your two instant tournaments and then start playing your daylong tournament until exactly 9:00. If you time it right, you can play robot bridge non-stop for several hours, which is what Leo does. 

30 sessions a day times 30 days in the month is still 900 sessions per month. But Leo got points in 1200 sessions! That is 40 sessions per day, every day! When I played my robot marathon I played 48 sessions in 24 hours, without sleep. Leo did close to that over an entire month! And that doesn’t even count the (few, I’m sure) times he did not place!

I think I will omit the spreadsheet but if anyone reads this and wants a copy of the spreadsheet, and who is not a spambot, let me know.

Nice job, Leo!

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