How are you doing?

Greetings, robot battlers!

How can you tell whether you are making progress in your skill, whether against robots or humans?

Against humans, I always go over each and every hand to see what I could or should have done differently. Hand records are an invaluable resource for this.

To track my progress against robots I meticulously track my average points per session.

I strongly recommend that you go over each and every hand you play in a face-to-face situation as well as against robots. If you can figure out what you are doing wrong, you can fix your thought processes to not do that any more.

Instead of posting all my broadcasts to Youtube, I am going to start posting the ones that have a lot of decision points. How many decision points is a lot in 24 hands? I don’t know. Most likely I am going to remove the older ones that are not part of the marathon.

Here’s a video where I went from last place after two hands to first!

Here are a few interesting hands for you.

Charles Collins gave me this one. I found it interesting from a bidding perspective.



Marathon videos are posted

My two favorites are 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm.

But it’s easy enough to search for the whole list, just search Youtube for bbo_cake_eater. I hopefully have all my videos tagged.

Here are a couple of hands from the marathon. I will be mixing some more in over the next few weeks.
This hand was the first hand in the 10th hour. (9:00 AM)
One more:

24 Hours of Le Bots – A Bot-a-thon


Not that I have finally gotten the streaming working the way I want it, I am going to do a marathon session of playing as much robot bridge as possible for one day.

The purpose of this exercise is to test myself physically and mentally just to see how far I can push myself.

I’m going to stream the whole thing and save it all to my YouTube channel.

Also, I am going to save each morning’s game (at least the ones I don’t play terribly) to YouTube, starting yesterday.

Here are the first two videos:


About that streaming…

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I am online every day at 5:45 am Central, then irregularly after that. 

Here are a couple of interesting hands that came up recently:

I’m streaming!

I am now broadcasting my robot play. 

If you are interested in observing, you can go to to watch. It would help me out if you sign up for a twitch account (it’s free) and follow me. 

Fair warning, I play very quickly, but I will try to slow it down a little bit and give a little insight about what I am doing and why.

More Jeff Kroll hands

Here are some more hands from Jeff Kroll, Houston-area robot expert. 
Creating content on a regular basis is difficult and I am thankful to Jeff and anyone else who might want to contribute some interesting hands. 

By the way, BBO does not keep hands forever, so you had better save anything you might find interesting before they are consigned to oblivion. There is a way to archive your own hands, using a program called “Double Dummy Solver”. The program will download all your BBO results for you.

Cheers, Daniel

The Unexpected Top

Sometimes I will take a normal action and then surprisingly get a top result. A lot of times I don’t do anything out of the ordinary. It makes me wonder why.

Here are some hands that illustrate this phenomenon.

On this last hand, the robot opened 3!H in front of me. I bid 3NT instead of 3!S like the field did, and got a top for it. I didn’t have the full URL, so I don’t have any comment in this link.

Jeff Kroll Hands

Hello everyone,
I ended up in the top 100 in the robot championships once again, there were about 1700 competitors. I will be mixing in interesting hands from this competition in the following weeks.
I may be planning a special event over Labor Day weekend, depending on if I decide to go to Dallas for the regional there. More on that later.
Jeff Kroll is a Houston-area player and teacher who is a robot expert. He has accumulated close to 3,000 points playing robot bridge. He is no slouch when it comes to face-to-face bridge, either, as he won a Flight A Open Pairs and a Bracket I knockout event at regionals in 2017.
Jeff submitted these hands, he thought them interesting. If anyone else would like to submit hands, let me know and I can help with the BBO part if necessary.