24 Hours of Le Bots – A Bot-a-thon


Not that I have finally gotten the streaming working the way I want it, I am going to do a marathon session of playing as much robot bridge as possible for one day.

The purpose of this exercise is to test myself physically and mentally just to see how far I can push myself.

I’m going to stream the whole thing and save it all to my YouTube channel.

Also, I am going to save each morning’s game (at least the ones I don’t play terribly) to YouTube, starting yesterday.

Here are the first two videos:



About that streaming…


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I am online every day at 5:45 am Central, then irregularly after that. 

Here are a couple of interesting hands that came up recently: https://tinyurl.com/y7xsxp78

More Jeff Kroll hands

Here are some more hands from Jeff Kroll, Houston-area robot expert. 
Creating content on a regular basis is difficult and I am thankful to Jeff and anyone else who might want to contribute some interesting hands. 

By the way, BBO does not keep hands forever, so you had better save anything you might find interesting before they are consigned to oblivion. There is a way to archive your own hands, using a program called “Double Dummy Solver”. The program will download all your BBO results for you.



Cheers, Daniel

The Unexpected Top

Sometimes I will take a normal action and then surprisingly get a top result. A lot of times I don’t do anything out of the ordinary. It makes me wonder why.

Here are some hands that illustrate this phenomenon.


On this last hand, the robot opened 3!H in front of me. I bid 3NT instead of 3!S like the field did, and got a top for it. I didn’t have the full URL, so I don’t have any comment in this link.


Jeff Kroll Hands

Hello everyone,
I ended up in the top 100 in the robot championships once again, there were about 1700 competitors. I will be mixing in interesting hands from this competition in the following weeks.
I may be planning a special event over Labor Day weekend, depending on if I decide to go to Dallas for the regional there. More on that later.
Jeff Kroll is a Houston-area player and teacher who is a robot expert. He has accumulated close to 3,000 points playing robot bridge. He is no slouch when it comes to face-to-face bridge, either, as he won a Flight A Open Pairs and a Bracket I knockout event at regionals in 2017.
Jeff submitted these hands, he thought them interesting. If anyone else would like to submit hands, let me know and I can help with the BBO part if necessary.

Gavin Wolpert articles on robot bridge from Bridge Winners

Greetings, robot battlers!
The summer robot championship has started. If you haven’t registered already, it will be $50 instead of $40. I hope you do better than I did, I had about 60% the first session.
Gavin Wolpert (national champion, founder of bridgewinners.com) produced a series of videos on Bridge Winners on robot bridge. I have already taken the advice to “go low” and gotten a good result with it.
Here are links to Gavin’s articles. They are from 2011 but I think they are still relevant in some ways. The robots declare the hands when they are declarer instead of the human, so you can tell that the articles are a bit dated.
After battling it out with some video editing software, I’ve managed to produce our first-ever instructional video. In this video I will play a Robot Duplicate ACBL Tournament on Bridge Base and tell you my thoughts as I play.


This is the continuation to Video: Robot Duplicate: Part 1. Here are the hand records. Here is the link to Passed Hand Partner: Overcalling mentioned in the video.



Some Extreme Tactics!

Hello, robot battlers!
I would like to present some hands out of a recent robot tournament. The winner of this tournament scored over ninety percent! The winner did some really weird stuff (which I don’t really endorse over the long term) so hold onto your hats!
Also, I figured out a way to put comments in with the links and also how to condense the long URLs into a small clickable link. Thanks to Jeff Kroll and Charles Collins for their help!
Some of the comments are longer than others so use the mouse wheel to scroll up to see the beginning of my comments.
I told you this was some wild stuff!
The only average result of the set.
Something a little more normal to end the set.
These hands were very interesting. The winner of the second robot tournament, Fuzzyquack, just did normal stuff to win the tournament, nothing like this. I will try to get some hands from him and maybe some other expert players.


Welcome to Robot Battles!
I will be writing posts (hopefully weekly) which show a few deals that I feel are interesting from either a bidding or play perspective. Please feel free to ask any questions or make any comments. For the first few posts I will be sending the same content that I have sent out to my email list.
I would love to see submissions of any interesting hands.
I have been able to bake the commentary on these hands into the links below.
Thanks for reading!