Some Extreme Tactics!

Hello, robot battlers!
I would like to present some hands out of a recent robot tournament. The winner of this tournament scored over ninety percent! The winner did some really weird stuff (which I don’t really endorse over the long term) so hold onto your hats!
Also, I figured out a way to put comments in with the links and also how to condense the long URLs into a small clickable link. Thanks to Jeff Kroll and Charles Collins for their help!
Some of the comments are longer than others so use the mouse wheel to scroll up to see the beginning of my comments.
I told you this was some wild stuff!
The only average result of the set.
Something a little more normal to end the set.
These hands were very interesting. The winner of the second robot tournament, Fuzzyquack, just did normal stuff to win the tournament, nothing like this. I will try to get some hands from him and maybe some other expert players.