Success in ACBL “Support Your Club” game


ACBL and BBO have teamed up to create club games you can play with robots. You can support your local club and play robot bridge at the same time! $4 of the $6 entry fee goes to the club. Points you win are black points and count for Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenney awards. You can get up to 2.5 points (top eight places overall).

If you are min-maxing your points per dollar spent, it is true that these games cost more to play in than a regular $1.35 automated tournament. If you are interested in Ace of Clubs / Mini McKenney awards, these games might have some appeal for you.

Recently I was fortunate enough to score 80% in one of these games for first overall. I have made a video of me analyzing these 18 hands. You can follow along if you want.

This particular tournament took place on March 31, 2020.

Link to tournament is here. I hope that it is clickable for you. It has results for all 18 hands and the travelers.

For this game I will not put comments inline, you can see my comments in the video.

Here’s the link to the video.

Hand 1: 80%

Hand 2: 98.81%

Hand 3: 90.48%

Hand 4: 89.39%

Hand 5: 93.75%

Hand 6: 85.56%

Hand 7: 74.42%

Hand 8: 39.80%

Hand 9: 61.25%

Hand 10: 84.88%

Hand 11: 98.84%

Hand 12: 51.32%

Hand 13: 73.33%

Hand 14: 81.25%

Hand 15: 93.06%

Hand 16: 94.59%

Hand 17: 54.65%

Hand 18: Finishing strong with a cold top, 100%